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In a week, everything has changed.

Now the sun is out, the sky is blue.

The seasons have made a turn.

Today I am reminded of a much loved poem look – really look that was inspired by an evocative interview with an elderly gentleman about his balcony garden in the Barbican (London). The return of bees, butterflies, pansies in different hues, fuchsias, columbine and trees re-leafed in green have made me look again, really look, at the gardens and green spaces in my neighbourhood.

With the bank holiday weekend, the good weather and the stirrings of nature, it feels as though summer has arrived.

Jangle between Jangle is BeadedQuill’s latest collection of verse. The poems date from 2018 while the poet found inspiration in the to-and-fro jangling across London of commuting when it was still a part of the work-life routine.

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Published by BeadedQuill

Author of over 300 poems, also books, essays and short stories. Published in the Johannesburg Review of Books, Carapace and Type/Cast. BeadedQuill's titles are for sale via

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