bq2_2_reasonably_small.gifBeaded Quill’s writing has been published in the Johannesburg Review of Books, Carapace, Type/Cast, Party In Your Eye-Socket and an anthology edited by Benjamin Zephaniah. BQ has read at London locations such as the Poetry Café, the Troubadour Café and Keats House. Compositions inspired by BQ’s poems have been performed in Cape Town, New Jersey, USA and Brasilia.

BQ was born and raised in the southernmost reaches of Africa, albeit amongst oaks and turtle doves. Currently London-based, she loves to take long walks in the woods to balance the imaginings in her writer’s head.

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A note about images on this blog: As far as possible, images accompanying posts on this blog are out of copyright or have been made available under an open licence. Many images have been sourced either from Wikimedia Commons or The Old Design Shop Vintage Image Treasury. A few generous friends and professional photographers have made their work available and as far as possible their work has been credited. If your image appears on this blog and is not credited to your liking, or if you would prefer to have it removed, please do not hesitate in contacting BeadedQuill.

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