The good news is

Photo by Anjana Menon on Unsplash
The wet streets
open for
    furtive foxes
alleys for cats
      swaying branches 
for turtledoves
coo-cooing in the rain.

Fewer people will be out.

An apt poem from the back catalogue to follow a wet, May weekend. It felt like it rained for two days solid, but that is not true. I went out twice to walk and during that time the rain let up.

“It’s raining.
I’ve got a window open.”

say the intro lines in my notebook of last year.

It is not advisable to open any of the skylights or French doors of my loft room when it rains. This means that the only window I can have ajar is the window on the teeny-tiny ‘landing’ of the winding stairs. If I keep my room-door open, and the window open, then a breeze can come through. This is the window that stays open when it rains. And the raindrops fall down its slanted pane onto the rooftiles below, and into the gutter. Sometimes I’ll stop and watch the raindrops; think about clearing away the spider and his web.

Jangle between Jangle is BeadedQuill’s latest collection of verse. The poems date from 2018 while the poet found inspiration in the to-and-fro jangling across London of commuting when it was still a part of the work-life routine.

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