Last night –

I was on stage as a magician’s assistant. He made it appear as if the denim
jacket I was wearing on stage peeled off me and duplicated. He then held the
second one up to the audience. Before this I had been swimming with my brother. We were in the warm, murky seawater off an island, amongst an overhang of drooping tropical trees.

Uncannily, while I’m compiling this post, a friend who tweets as @2catsandababy, recounts:

Dreamt last night that the PM [her toddler] was kidnapped and taken to China. I had to make him snacks AND THEN pilot a plane east to rescue him.

With dreams, “[t]here is no formality, no introduction: you open the book and already you are inside the country of writing” observes Hélène Cixous in Three Steps on the Ladder to Writing. She says it best, when she declares, “Our dreams are the greatest poets… The problem is that we usually destroy our dreams the moment we wake up, or everyone would be a poet.”

Here we have three dreams spared destruction. With them you found yourself inside the country of a magician’s trick, a coastal glade and a ‘plane off on a rescue mission to China.

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Reference: Hélène Cixous, 1993, Three Steps on the Ladder to Writing, (trans. Sarah Cornell and Susan Sellers), Columbia University Press: New York, 1993, p. 81.