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With their vibrant colours and pop culture subject matter, the paintings of contemporary Swedish artist Per-Inge Isheden appeal to an international fan-base. This video provides a brief introduction to his work in relation to art historical resonances. For information about Isheden’s work, visit his website.

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Last year I had one of those “I’ve made it!” writer’s moments. I was offered a paid writing gig on one of my favourite topics: art. I had the privilege of exploring the work of contemporary Swedish artist, Per-Inge Isheden, whose “puckish paintings” loosened my essay muscles. Read the full written article here, or sit back and listen to it read  (by yours truly) on Youtube.

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Dante’s Barmaids


Of nymphs, I write for money;
On canvas, there they dance.
they laugh, in corsets corked
with bubbles popping out.


This poem was inspired by a detail from “Inferno,” a painting by contemporary Swedish artist Per-Inge Isheden. “Inferno” is a portrait of the nineteenth-century Swedish playwright, literary luminary and painter August Strindberg (1849 – 1912).

You can view more of Isheden’s absorbing paintings here and you can follow him on Facebook. With thanks to Isheden for allowing me to reproduce this detail and reference his work.

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