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In an alleyway of thought
A nibbling rat sniffs
	amongst the kitchen waste,
snouts for a morsel to inch through.
It’s a voracious, fat-bellied rat
	carrier of diseased fleas
	and nibbler of all that should be left to decompose.

Such is clinging mind:
it won’t let go.

For another poem that develops a metaphor from kitchen leftovers, see the recent “Tightly Sealed.” The above poem and others produced over the last year are earmarked for two forthcoming volumes. Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys explores a young woman’s response to the men – older, younger and boyish – in her orbit.  Under a Blue Dome is an unfolding miscellany of poems about ordinary life under the great, grand sky. If you haven’t yet seen my first volume, SHINING IN BRIGHTNESS, you’re invited to preview it at

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In four homemade hummus lines
I can tell a half bowl of you 
about leftover Friday rice.
In at five, the rather wrinkled mushrooms
tell their brown paper, we're from Zoe.
In four lines broccoli,
	I, a courgette, can three carrots tell,
	  tell vacuum-packed beetroot
	about yellowing curly kale on the lower shelf.
In a well-ripened four, mango lines,
	four in four egg lines
        can tomato concentrate.
I, a broached tell should
a carton of soya milk, you, pour
another four lines in coconut water.

I, an unopened packet of supermarket,
tell coffee opened 
you – Italian, Arabica blend –
about two purple bands elastic.

I as bands hold can and
tell the packet, you, as braces
spanning in the green design,
tightly I sealed can in.

In its elongated you-tupperware
about shelf top, left
in four far lines I can tell
in you days without lines 
and lines without tell
with leftovers about lines uneaten


An undertaking that combines 'fridge contents with the thought noodle -
"In four lines
I can tell you 


If you enjoyed the above and are curious about my other poems, preview my first volume SHINING IN BRIGHTNESS. 
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