In an alleyway of thought

In an alleyway of thought
A nibbling rat sniffs
	amongst the kitchen waste,
snouts for a morsel to inch through.
It’s a voracious, fat-bellied rat
	carrier of diseased fleas
	and nibbler of all that should be left to decompose.

Such is clinging mind:
it won’t let go.

For another poem that develops a metaphor from kitchen leftovers, see the recent “Tightly Sealed.” The above poem and others produced over the last year are earmarked for two forthcoming volumes. Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys explores a young woman’s response to the men – older, younger and boyish – in her orbit.  Under a Blue Dome is an unfolding miscellany of poems about ordinary life under the great, grand sky. If you haven’t yet seen my first volume, SHINING IN BRIGHTNESS, you’re invited to preview it at

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