In this place

A post-breakup mediation posted this time last year, but dating back further in time. The poem appears in my book Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys under the title “A quiet thought”.

1,000 Scientific Facts

A Thousand Scientific Facts about the sea Watch the mist-spray drift towards the dunes: A mother is out with her children. The daughter plays with the dog breaking foam And the little boy sits beside on a rock. There are bluebottles along the shore today; many cuttlefish shells; a dead penguin, his flippers laid outContinue reading “1,000 Scientific Facts”


On a rock amongst rocks When the last rays fire after which all will be still and ashed Here, on this rock I wish to stand to see the end of time. From here you face due South; face the end of the world, but between you and then blue-grey barrels roll toward the shoreContinue reading “A 1,000 RAINBOWS, ROCKS AND PROCESS”

In this place, I eat butternut soup to

In this place, I eat butternut soup to mend a broken heart. There wasn’t any stock in the cupboard, so I used Marmite instead. With a fork I smashed the veg pieces small because I had no way to purée the soup. Early this morning I picked leucodendron and fynbos leaves, even before I didContinue reading “In this place, I eat butternut soup to”