Tube sketch (one of a few)

The man with the notebook draws attention. The woman alongside hum drops her Evening Standard to glance. Left-handed he is writing with a ballpoint in a Moleskine, A5-sized. Two page turners across from each other. — The poems this week centre around London and the ordinary, daily observations living in this metropolis offers. Our firstContinue reading “Tube sketch (one of a few)”

10 Ink Pens and 2 Notebooks (in lieu of a Moleskine)

V5 Hi-Techpoint nibs for superior poetry ink for better flowing prose Pilot presents your ideas only rounded in script and immediately on the page gilding the lines of a notebook well-loved you bought it yesterday at Ryman’s, £10,99 (Moleskine. Red-bound. Eye-catching spine.) Nib and manuscript together oiled by finest technology. — I am not aloneContinue reading “10 Ink Pens and 2 Notebooks (in lieu of a Moleskine)”