I could do with a harvest moon

The harvest moon shines for itself and the corn we no longer reap or sow, We cultivate the blue screens. 24/09/2018 — With a turn towards the autumnal, the sense of harvest comes into the air. This poem from 2018 echoes ideas about work in the modern age in contrast with a more agrarian pastContinue reading “I could do with a harvest moon”

We still seek our lodestars, our North Stars, our supernovas

Beacons for the utterly lost A bright star led seekers and wise men. A bright light gave comfort to the night and travellers crossing. A bright beam from the shore struck ships from death-knell rocks. Today’s nights, made bright with bulbs and glare, blind the guiding lights we still seek everywhere. – I like thatContinue reading “We still seek our lodestars, our North Stars, our supernovas”

Diversions for Gentlemen of our Modern Age

Buzz. Ping. Hit. Aaah! ‘Phone Coffee Cigarettes Skin High Dependency Units — Another quick read poem/ non-poem, which uses a list format. See, gentlemen, poetry isn’t such an effort to read. And there’s so much more left of your day to do other things such as check your ‘phone, drink coffee, smoke and check some skin. — (TheContinue reading “Diversions for Gentlemen of our Modern Age”

A short poem for a bank holiday Monday

The Best Instruction You might receive an email telling you such ‘n such. Don’t worry! Take no action! — Is this even a poem? I dunno. But it only took you 27 seconds to read, so who cares? To all my UK readers, I hope you have enjoyed a restful bank holiday Monday. To everyone else, hopeContinue reading “A short poem for a bank holiday Monday”