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I was not a lawn-mower customer. I was trying to book travel. Out of the annoying interaction resulted the poem “I don’t work for you (or Modern Frustrations)“. This poem is one of 104 in my latest book, In the Ocean: a year of poetry.


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When I first posted this poem, it elicited some strong responses.

“Blatant manipulation. Far better to say what you mean.”

Ah! Love chess.

This poem, along with 24 others about life, love and the modern boy, are collected in my book Emily’s Poem for Modern Boys.

The Best Instruction

You might receive
an email telling you
such ‘n such.
Don’t worry! Take no action!

Is this even a poem? I dunno. But it only took you 27 seconds to read, so who cares?

To all my UK readers, I hope you have enjoyed a restful bank holiday Monday. To everyone else, hope it’s been a merry start to the week.

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