Two Poems about Grey

On the fringe of grey bring some blue set above white and petal disks. Green is a good addition. Lay down black as tarmac. Square everything in Your life and love and happiness A tree! No less Grey like silver grey like gold grey like suits tales of old grey like hats grey, like pointerContinue reading “Two Poems about Grey”

A New Room

Yonder far o’er vale and glen whereto grooms return and bread is leaven. This is another country. Today, outside, is a new room in which five builders, tiered upon scaffolding, cannot hear All Blues. This is no time for saxophone wails. Stand at the window and look out on the fresh planks. The backdrop: baredContinue reading “A New Room”

In this place, I eat butternut soup to

In this place, I eat butternut soup to mend a broken heart. There wasn’t any stock in the cupboard, so I used Marmite instead. With a fork I smashed the veg pieces small because I had no way to purée the soup. Early this morning I picked leucodendron and fynbos leaves, even before I didContinue reading “In this place, I eat butternut soup to”