It is May, and livelihood is not a golden beast

I do wonder how one of my ancestors, who lived a life centred around tending her cattle, may see my screen-filled days. It would probably baffle her as to how what I do is work.* It was from such a wondering that I imagined the scene in Listen to me, you golden beauty. This poemContinue reading “It is May, and livelihood is not a golden beast”

A short poem for a bank holiday Monday

The Best Instruction You might receive an email telling you such ‘n such. Don’t worry! Take no action! — Is this even a poem? I dunno. But it only took you 27 seconds to read, so who cares? To all my UK readers, I hope you have enjoyed a restful bank holiday Monday. To everyone else, hopeContinue reading “A short poem for a bank holiday Monday”