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Christmas is less than a month away. There’s still time to order a book of BeadedQuill’s poetry for someone special. Even non-poetry readers love the short and pithy ‘sushi‘ verses.

There is a choice of three titles:

The most recent publication, In the Ocean: a year of poetry offers a bumper 104 poems. Over 52 weeks the poet produced 2 poems a week. This book is a collation of her creative output. There is a verse for everyone in this volume.

Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys is a compilation on love, life and work for today’s modern men and and boys. Carl C, a modern boy himself, says of the collection, “We Modern Boys can be rather boorish and in such a bothering rush. Emily asks of us: pay attention for a while.”

The third title, Shining in Brightness: Selected Poems, 1999 – 2012 presents twenty poems that chronicle the poet’s formative decade of travel and learning. Verses originated in cities and rural towns from across Brazil, South Africa, England and Poland. The mystical decade resulted in this collection of observational gems.

All three titles are available for preview and purchase at BeadedQuill’s Blurb Bookshop.

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The South African edition of Shining in Brightness is at the printers!

Pictured above is the cover proof that came in last week. Note the genuine ISBN barcode. This makes it a Real Book and by law a dozen copies will find their way to legal deposit libraries across South Africa. The artwork is once again Nicola Slattery’s illustration, because the etching “Flying High” now simply belongs with the collection of poems. (I also happen to own an original of print.) I explain the work’s significance here.

Shining in Brightness presents twenty poems about loss, love and growing up in quiet suburbia. These poems chronicle a young woman’s journey from 18 to early adulthood. After leaving the leafy Cape Town suburb of her childhood, the poet-wanderer travels to California, Brazil, Cambridge, Poland and the Eastern Cape before alighting in North London. Two accompanying essays provide insights on both the poems and the writer’s process.

You can preview Shinning in Brightness at my Blurb Bookstore. The  UK edition of the title came out in February 2013. Since then I have been searching for a print-on-demand service to offer the work at an affordable price to readers in South Africa, the country in which I grew up. I am thrilled to have found a suitable service. Stay posted for details of the book’s online listing at

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Currently I have three titles available through Blurb. You’re invited to preview each of them at my online Bookstore:
In the Ocean: a year of poetry
Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys
Shining in Brightness: Selected Poems, 1999 – 2012