Things a poet needs: laptop, coffee, soya milk, oats

This poem is based on the day in 2012 when I finally took the plunge and bought a laptop in London. The incessant “£299 on Strand” echoes my personal obsession with the cost of things, which I really am trying to transcend in 2014 (…both the cost of things and the obsession). This close attention to price minutiae has proved fruitful for writing, though. The tallying has found it’s way into other verses: At the moment £2 and Now here is something to marvel at…

While my favourite blend of coffee is still £2,30 at my local Sainsbury’s, fortunately soya milk is back at 59p. My palate has had enough of sultanas, so now I bypass that shelf. More recently I’ve been into dates with my morning oats. Waitrose does a 250g bag for 99p and my local Cypriot greengrocer offers two trays for £1.


There are all these Tonys of the world:

Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Lebanese, Eastern European,

who own sewing-machine shops, grocery stores,

corner cafés and sometimes sell insurance.

Anthony, Antonin, Antonio and the more Teutonic, Anton.

But Anton was the opera singer

after he’d worked for a while

on the railway.

Another poem for possible inclusion in “Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys.”

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