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I’ve clearly stepped into my own Back to the Future DeLorean. A post scheduled November 12th was made live today. Consequently the post found its way into the back list. I can only plead autumnal illness and an addled brain. Please read about “Wild Horses Don’t Break.” Writers with chest infections sometimes do.

P.S. Number III is my favourite.

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Rocky Road dessert

By Leon Brooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

(inspired by Sachin’s story)

the fat floated to the top
I scraped it off

on setting

I melted a combination
dark chocolate and caramel bars.
Dark chocolate I love.
At work they
prefer caramel bars.

On setting to the top
a combination
dark chocolate and caramel bars
separated as fat
on the top.

On setting I tried to disguise the mess with icing sugar.
The powder disguise melted
into the combination
dark chocolate and caramel bars
still warm.
I ruined an attempt of
dark chocolate and caramel bars.

I ruined rocky road.

At a friend’s flat-warming on Saturday one of the guests recounted the sad tale that inspired this poem. I did warn the narrator that the line “I ruined rocky road” would find its way into my poem on the theme of ‘failure‘, yet another prompt from A Poem A Day October.

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People start to ask questions

they really have no right

to pose


At a point, they expect you to be


Let it be known: a non-graduate works shifts

and packs plastic bags.


Since 2008, so do graduates with four degrees.

But people will still ask,

What do you do? They mean are you in a Proper Job:

doctor, lawyer, finance something, accountant,

teacher still makes the mark


the arts are hobbies


Now, have you bought a house? Or looked at a fifth degree?

MBA’s or the property ladder move

aspirations rung for rung


Children are also acceptable. But know,

They are a Lifestyle Choice until you are

Settled and wish no longer to do things for yourself.


People will narrow their eyes

if you have never travelled,

or are divorced by 32

or have parented children, now nearing the age of ten.

Then you can see them counting back the years.


At the considered right age

you should be doing the proper thing,

so people will ask.


I am told it is called making conversation.

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