Responsible. Routine. Light bulbs.

Two weeks into the New Year and I’m trying to remind my writer self, my Wandering Poet, of some responsible adult, routine-like habits. Most of these we have been following now for about six months. We start the week with an early morning hour’s walk in a nearby wood. Mondays are days for ‘laying track,’Continue reading “Responsible. Routine. Light bulbs.”

926 Breathless Accomplishments

Relentless much this 9 to 6: Notes, reports, another news, the internet, bulletin hour. In shops shelved stock; trains late, on track. Getting so much done! — This morning I read a up to item ten of a list nearing thirty on essential tips for blogging. In order to create a more magnetic headlines (item #8), take yourContinue reading “926 Breathless Accomplishments”

Clementi Brings in 2013

The Sounds of the Suburb on Holiday Someone’s house alarm is whittering. Post slips through mail slots, onto passage carpets. The crack and fizzle of fireworks on New Year’s Eve; the sky-bright still of hangovers on New Year’s Day. 01/01/2013 — Leading up to New Year’s and the party eve just passed, I house-sat forContinue reading “Clementi Brings in 2013”

Now here is something to marvel at…

THIS IS A BENCH. THAT IS A TREE. THERE IS £592.16p in the bank   the statement says. It will pay rent, perhaps   THIS IS A BENCH. THAT IS A TREE. I think there is £271.97p left in the account   today the blossoms are shaking off their white petals. Songbirds are returning.  Continue reading “Now here is something to marvel at…”

Leaves are no longer green

During my undergraduate years, one of my favourite times of year was when the green-leafed creepers, which cascaded down the old JM Solomon buildings, turned to red. The campus would be adorned in a colour beyond ordinary and the logic that leaves are green no longer stood. This is the fourth Northern autumn that IContinue reading “Leaves are no longer green”