As if nurtured

From the fallen log,
A sapling grew.

Now an upright bark,
With an outstretched canopy:

From the waters of the lake,
It skims the heavens.

A friend sent a beautiful card for my birthday (in July). The photograph was originally selected for the National Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2012). Please admire the original image by Adam Gibbs here. Alongside the photo he gives us an insight into his thoughts on seeing the scene at Fairy Lake, “To me, the little tree looked as though it had been nurtured by a bonsai master.”

Struck both by the image and Adam’s description, I thought about a possible poem a good few weeks ago. Two versions of this poem, that included more rhyme, I lost. They came to me while I was walking and then I didn’t write them down in time. Maybe those versions will come back to me.

This last week I have been reading a novel about the last Dowager Empress of China, hence the influence of heavens.

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