I thought it my apprenticeship

Allegiance When others mocked you I stood firm and said, Your vision would be for our betterment. In happy fealty I volunteered, Believing your requests would teach a path Worthwhile for more than monetary gain; I thought it my apprenticeship’s terrain. Your fair-minded way inspired me. I trusted the value of your guarantee. This confidenceContinue reading “I thought it my apprenticeship”

Gone are the cars

A short story, written in one sitting this afternoon (and I confess, not yet thoroughly proofed). This post is offered in the spirit of completion energy and is inspired by my current read, Jurgen Wolff’s “Your Creative Writing Masterclass” (Nicholas Brealey, 2012). The poem weaves together last night’s dream, some thoughts spurred by Earth Day andContinue reading “Gone are the cars”

After the storm

After the storm The scenes and sentences dislodged, brought the ring and rat-a-tat. The ladder walked past, did not stop to receive the repairman. There was a ready welcome, prepared since the disturbance, to re-set three tiles. The blue door climbed the roof. — Twitter Facebook

We still seek our lodestars, our North Stars, our supernovas

Beacons for the utterly lost A bright star led seekers and wise men. A bright light gave comfort to the night and travellers crossing. A bright beam from the shore struck ships from death-knell rocks. Today’s nights, made bright with bulbs and glare, blind the guiding lights we still seek everywhere. – I like thatContinue reading “We still seek our lodestars, our North Stars, our supernovas”

We chose to take a ride

Habits are habits In a friendly coincidence, we pretended not to understand the fumes of heavy traffic. We chose to take a ride entirely on a road to nowhere. Nothing happened. We paid for petrol, an absurd sum, a kind of ransom. – On my calendar, I scheduled in POST for today, meaning come WednesdayContinue reading “We chose to take a ride”

in the glow of celebration

By ribbons from branches Where are we today, you and I? Each, together? Further, closer, the same as yesterday? Suspended from our meeting- point of a hundred points, each weighing down the end of a branch. The celebration season done we will be rustled back into the box where our meeting-points of a thousand tonesContinue reading “in the glow of celebration”