In the unposted letter

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In the unposted letter
patterned with tiny birds
and rows of tiny fishes,
I refine the matter.

A tight little poem inspired by one of my favourite occupations, letter writing.

There are three other poems on the blog inspired by old-fashioned written correspondence:

Pavement Writer
It should not be polished
Things of the heart, told in quiet

These poems appear in my books In the Ocean: a year of poetry and Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys .

At the end of last year, I wrote these two companion poems inspired by the postman’s deliveries:

Without realising it, the postman leaves a poem
Another drop in this week before Christmas

Find me on Twitter where I tweet about my letter writing and Bachata dancing. I’m @BeadedQuill.

I also have a third book (which was actually my first title) – Shining in Brightness: Selected Poems, 1999 – 2012. Preview it by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “In the unposted letter

  1. Love this. As a writing prompt. I am playing with found poetry/blackout poetry using old letters sent to me (not so OLD, but still…)

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