Over here on the hill

I try to drop the pail.

In the valley

you scythe the bending wheat.

When the grain is ground to flour,

you will carry it in a sack to my kitchen.

There on the table

kneaded under the heel of my hand


I’ll remember the autumn, Jack

when you brought in the hay.

Now, come and eat of the loaf while it’s warm.

In December last year I posted a longer version of this poem. I returned to the material and experimented with distillation. Which version do you prefer? Why?

And what do you think of the nursery rhyme reference?

“Tumbling After” is another poem earmarked for my forthcoming set, Emily’s Poems for Modern Boys. If you enjoyed this piece, you may enjoy my first volume of poetry: SHINING IN BRIGHTNESS.

Follow me on Twitter. I’m @Beaded Quill. I tweet regularly about writing and working with words. Occasionally, I mention a good loaf of bread.

Published by BeadedQuill

Author of over 300 poems, also books, essays and short stories. Published in the Johannesburg Review of Books, Carapace and Type/Cast. BeadedQuill's titles are for sale via Blurb.co.uk

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