You’ve read me elsewhere


I’m redundant now –


the superhero of

pre-used words

This morning on the way to the tube I was given a copy of “Short List,” a glorified catalogue of a magazine (as most magazines are) and brother publication to my other favourite London freebie-mag, “The Stylist.” In those the tube-carriage canisters, we commuters have our heads down over copies of “The Metro,” books, iPads, Kindles or bent to the muffled soundtracks worming through earphones.

We’re all ingesting words.

The poem above derives from some scribbles about this profusion of words:

you’ll need to use me again tomorrow

because our words are all


but if you set me down

in words and lines then published

me I’m already seen and

done cutting edge

A lot of thinking to go beyond hackneyed –

Push to keep us running new –

I’m finding it a real challenge to find new words and ways of expression. Perhaps it’s time to do more crosswords, or buy a thesaurus. Maybe the solution is to step away from words for a while. What do you think?

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